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The integrated screws of InterZan provide a second point of fixation in the femoral head, and allow for mechanical compression through the implant which is actively maintained after instrument removal. This combination creates strong interfragmentary friction and increases construct stability to resist complications such as rotation and varus collapse.

With compression actively maintained postoperatively using the integrated screws, InterZan is designed to reduce unnatural movement of the hip at the fracture site.

The worm gear mechanism converts rotation to active compression while stabilizing the medial fragment.

The head of the compression screw pushes medially against the nail and unloads stress forces off the lateral wall.

Available sterile-packed

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The integrated compression screw and lag screw thread together to generate push/pull forces that hold compression after instruments are removed and eliminate Z-effect.


Preloaded Cannulated Set Screw allows for creation of a fixed angle device or facilitates postoperative sliding.

InterZan Femoral Nail 5
InterZan Femoral Nail 6


The InterZan Femoral Nail is indicated for fractures of the femur including simple shaft fractures, comminuted shaft fractures, spiral shaft fractures, long oblique shaft fractures and segmental shaft fractures; subtrochanteric fractures; intertrochanteric fractures; ipsilateral femoral shaft/neck fractures; intracapsular fractures; nonunions and malunions; polytrauma and multiple fractures; prophylactic nailing of impending pathologic fractures; reconstruction, following tumor resection and grafting; bone lengthening and shortening.

Clinical Application

InterZan Femoral Nail 7

Product Details


InterZan Femoral Nail



Φ9.0 x 180 mm
Φ9.0 x 200 mm
Φ9.0 x 240 mm
Φ10.0 x 180 mm
Φ10.0 x 200 mm
Φ10.0 x 240 mm
Φ11.0 x 180 mm
Φ11.0 x 200 mm
Φ11.0 x 240 mm
Φ12.0 x 180 mm
Φ12.0 x 200 mm
Φ12.0 x 240 mm

InterZan Lag Screw

InterZan Femoral Nail2480

Φ11.0 x 70 mm
Φ11.0 x 75 mm
Φ11.0 x 80 mm
Φ11.0 x 85 mm
Φ11.0 x 90 mm
Φ11.0 x 95 mm
Φ11.0 x 100 mm
Φ11.0 x 105 mm
Φ11.0 x 110 mm
Φ11.0 x 115 mm
Φ11.0 x 120 mm

InterZan Compression Screw


Φ7.0 x 65 mm
Φ7.0 x 70 mm
Φ7.0 x 75 mm
Φ7.0 x 80 mm
Φ7.0 x 85 mm
Φ7.0 x 90 mm
Φ7.0 x 95 mm
Φ7.0 x 100 mm
Φ7.0 x 105 mm
Φ7.0 x 110 mm
Φ7.0 x 115 mm

Locking Bolt


Φ4.9 x 28 mm
Φ4.9 x 30 mm
Φ4.9 x 32 mm
Φ4.9 x 34 mm
Φ4.9 x 36 mm
Φ4.9 x 38 mm
Φ4.9 x 40 mm
Φ4.9 x 42 mm
Φ4.9 x 44 mm
Φ4.9 x 46 mm
Φ4.9 x 48 mm
Φ4.9 x 50 mm
Φ4.9 x 52 mm
Φ4.9 x 54 mm
Φ4.9 x 56 mm
Φ4.9 x 58 mm
InterZan End Cap


+0 mm
+5 mm
+10 mm
Material Titanium Alloy
Surface Treatment Micro-arc Oxidation
Qualification ISO13485/NMPA
Package Sterile Packaging 1pcs/package
MOQ 1 Pcs
Supply Ability 1000+Pieces per Month

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