Radial Head Locking Compression Plate

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The Radial Head Locking Compression Plate is a specialized implant used for the treatment of radial head fractures. The radial head is located at the top of the radius bone in the forearm and is an important component for proper joint function.

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● The ZATH Radial Head Locking Compression Plate provides a method for the treatment of fractures when the radial head is salvageable. It offers precontoured plates designed for use in the “safe zone” of the radial head.
● Plates are Anatomically precontoured
● Available sterile-packed

Radial Head Locking Compression Plate 2

Plate Placement

The plate contour is designed to fit the anatomic contours of the radial head and neck with little or no intraoperative plate bending needed.

The thickness of the plate varies along its length, providing a low-profile proximal portion to allow for closure of the annular ligament. The thicker neck portion of the plate helps provide support if there is a fracture line at the radial neck.

Diverging and converging screw angles to capture bone fragments across the entire radial

The screws are also strategically angled to prevent entering the articular surface of the
radial head or colliding with one another, regardless of screw length selected.



Fractures, fusions, and osteotomies of the radius.

Product Details

Radial Head Locking Compression Plate


4 holes x 46mm
5 holes x 56mm
Width 8.0mm
Thickness 2.0mm
Matching Screw 2.7 Locking Screw / 2.7 Cortical Screw
Material Titanium
Surface Treatment Micro-arc Oxidation
Qualification CE/ISO13485/NMPA
Package Sterile Packaging 1pcs/package
MOQ 1 Pcs
Supply Ability 1000+Pieces per Month

This locking compression plate is designed to provide stability and support to the fractured radial head. It is typically made of titanium or stainless steel and has a specific shape that matches the contours of the radial head. The plate is anatomically precontoured to allow for a better fit and to minimize the need for extensive plate bending during surgery.
The locking mechanism of the plate involves the use of locking screws that engage with the plate. These screws have a specialized thread pattern that secures them to the plate, creating a fixed-angle construct. This construct provides enhanced stability and prevents any screw-backout, reducing the risk of implant failure and loosening.The plate is placed on the radial head through a surgical procedure, typically performed under general anesthesia. Depending on the fracture pattern, the plate may be placed on the lateral or posterior aspect of the radial head. The locking screws are then inserted into the bone through the plate, providing compression and stability to the fractured area.
The main goals of using a Radial Head Locking Compression Plate are to restore the anatomy of the radial head, stabilize the fracture, and promote healing. The plate and screws allow for controlled compression of the fracture site, which encourages bone healing and reduces the risk of non-union or malunion.

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