Titanium Arthroscopy SuperFixT Suture Anchor

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The specialized processing of anchor tip makes the insertion smoother

The design of inner anchor eyelet increases the contact surface

and improves bone purchase

Preset superstrong polyethylene suture provides optimal tactile sense

and the solidest fixation

Flat handle design provides the best holding force during insertion

Mobilizable suture clamp facilitates the suture removal

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Introducing our revolutionary Titanium Suture Anchor, the ultimate fixation solution for surgical procedures requiring strength and stability. Engineered with precision and expertise, these anchors are designed to provide reliable and durable fixation for a variety of orthopedic applications.
One of the key features of our titanium suture anchors is the transitional thread design. This innovative design ensures secure fixation by utilizing distal "cutting" threads for ease of insertion and proximal "locking" threads for superior pull-out strength. Even in cases of poor bone quality, our anchors reliably stay in place, giving surgeons and patients peace of mind.
The Hi-lo double thread geometry is another distinctive feature of our anchors. Our titanium suture anchors significantly increase surgical efficiency by reducing insertion torque and the total number of revolutions required for insertion. Surgeons will appreciate the improved ease of use and reduced procedure time, while patients will benefit from smoother, less invasive procedures.

In addition, our titanium suture anchors feature an elongated distal trocar tip. This unique feature enables self-tapping capabilities, eliminating the need for pre-drilled holes in most cases. This not only saves surgical time, but also reduces the risk of additional trauma to the patient's bone.
The superior quality and durability of our Titanium Suture Anchors make them ideal for a variety of surgical applications. Whether for sports medicine surgery, arthroscopic surgery or complex orthopedic reconstruction, our anchors provide the strength, stability and reliability surgeons can rely on.
In conclusion, our titanium suture anchors offer a breakthrough solution for physicians looking for a reliable fixation solution. With their transitional thread design, high-low dual thread geometry, and extended distal trocar tip, these anchors ensure secure fixation, reduce surgical time, and improve overall surgical outcomes. Choose our titanium suture anchors and experience a new level of surgical excellence.


Flexible Operation

 Multiple inserting choices bring surgeon the surgical convenience.

Standard Position

Deeper Position

Angled Position

SuperFix T Suture Anchor 4

Sterilization Package

SuperFix T Suture Anchor 5


Used for the repair surgery of soft tissue tear or avulsion from the bony structure, including shoulder joint, knee joint, joints of the foot and ankle and elbow joint, providing strong fixation of soft tissue to the bony structure.

Clinical Application

SuperFix T Suture Anchor 6

Product Details


SuperFix T Suture Anchor


Material Titanium Alloy
Surface Treatment Anodic Oxidation
Qualification ISO13485/NMPA
Package Sterile Packaging 1pcs/package
MOQ 1 Pcs
Supply Ability 2000+Pieces per Month

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